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4 Recent Trends in Marketing That You Should Be Aware Of

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

While we still need to use what we have learned in 2019, we also need to take advantage of the new techniques that will be the headlines in 2020.

Looking back in 2019, several new advancements have shaped the digital sphere. This has changed ways for marketers how they approach to get their brand visible amidst increasing competition. Marketing automation is the new thing, which you might be seeing here and there when you make an internet search to get ideas about tips & recent trends in marketing.

This year, programmatic marketing, growth hacking & voice control will lead the digital arena as top techniques used by the marketers.

Using Growth Hacking

Growth hacking is one of the most important recent trends in marketing that you & your team should be aware of. Constant experimentation of different types of marketing channels allows marketers to find out the best way to grow. In order to collect the targeting data, marketers can coordinate with designers, web developers, and researchers. This is required to create superior customer communication material.

Many companies are working on this model. For example, when you sign up with Dropbox, you get a free space of 1 gigabyte and upon referring to another user, you get another gigabyte of free space. So Dropbox is not losing giving a free gigabyte of free space rather it is beneficial for both as Dropbox is getting a user. In 2020, marketers will rely more on unique experimentation to get the best result.

Programmatic Marketing

Companies such as Storygize and most marketers are aware of programmatic marketing at this point, but only a few know how to do it properly. Programmatic marketing is known as the targeted buying and selling of advertising space on all online platforms. This type of marketing requires a huge amount of data to identify the market you want to reach. To increase the attention to your business, ads are customized and delivered with high accuracy.

Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and several other avenues are doing this. Artificial intelligence comes into play to target users precisely. Several accessible tools make this easier for small publishers. As per reports, 80% of all advertising by 2020 will include programmatic marketing.

Voice Search

Voice control or Voice Search will be a great marketing medium to the target audience with Alexa, Amazon, and Google adding more attributes to it. The reason being comfort zones, which people prefer. So rather than typing a query, the power of voice will be used to get the desired results. Marketers have already begun to take this opportunity to target their potential customers.

Before starting with voice control, you must identify ways to optimize voice. You should brainstorm and try for natural questions which your customers might have in their mind.

Voice control will not only benefit marketers but will fetch good returns to companies like Google & Alexa who will introduce more advertising opportunities.

When you say to Google Voice Assistant, “Hey I need a new deodorant”, you can see some results of the brands that pay more. This will surely complicate some aspects of search engine optimization. So, brands will go-ahead to invest more in voice control to fulfill their marketing endeavor. This will undoubtedly lead the recent trends in marketing, so better optimize your website for Google voice search.

Video Stars Are Everywhere

Video will still hold its importance in 2020, which will create more engagement. Brands already have recognized the power of videos and hence they are busy creating videos for social media live streaming on popular live video platforms like Twitter, Instagram Live, Facebook Live, YouTube Live to name a few. According to Facebook, live videos receive 3X views compared to recorded videos. Videos are also being optimized for mobile devices and as per reports, in 2018, mobile video ad spend will increase to 49%.

Nowadays, it’s easy to create a video or a live stream. If you have a smartphone, a good camera, some streaming equipment such as a video encoder, and some apps you are pretty much set. Several user-friendly apps are floating around the play store, which helps in creating videos with complete ease. B2b brands, however, prefer to create more engaging stories in the form of videos and these are then published on social channels. The year 2018 will see these types of engaging videos from brands.

Along with these recent trends in marketing, a few new trends will appear. These cannot be predicted at the moment but only time will tell what the future holds.