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How to Land Emails to Gmail Primary Tab

All business and marketing experts often struggle to land emails to Gmail primary tab. Gmail is the largest email provider, which makes it highly necessary for businesses to land their communication in the primary inbox.

However, most markets fail in this process and end up landing the emailers in the promotion or updates tab of Gmail. Due to this open rate of the emails reduces and business suffers to a great extent.

How to Land Emails to Gmail Primary Tab

Email marketing has been an important marketing element and also considered an old school activity But marketers still think it has not lost its importance and can be a great way to generate leads if used wisely.

Give Value on Email Communication

The first tip of successful email marketing is to provide value to your customers. It does not mean that you always need to provide them with discounts or offers. A great way can be to provide useful tips from time to time. If you are selling a food processor, you can provide certain health tips via newsletters to your customers. It is wrong to bombard customers with product mails every now and then. Rather email them a case study or an e-book that will give them certain value, so that they read your emails.

Tell Your Website Visitors to add your Email in their Contact List

You can win the half war of landing emails to Gmail Primary tab if you are successful in compelling your audience to add your email in their contact list. Once your visitors sign up for a product or fills up a form on your website, you can ask them to add your email in their contact list. You can inform them via display message that adding your email in their contact list, they can get valuable tips from your end.

Get your Emails Moved from Junk Tab to Primary Tab

You may at times become highly depressed when you find your emails are landing in the junk or spam folders despite your every effort. To prevent this, you can inform people to check their junk folders and shift your emails to their primary folder. Once, this is done there is a good chance that they will always receive emails in the inbox.

Why Email Body is very important

When you or your designer draft an email, you should pay attention to the email body. Gmail gives more weightage to plain text emails compared to HTML mailers and hence the chances of text mailers to reach the primary inbox is much higher. HTML mailers can have a great design but often these lands in spam. However, one disadvantage of plain text email is that you cannot track many things like open rate, etc.

Hence, go for light HTML emailers with minimum links that may land your mailer in the spam box. Also, if you use more than 2-3 links, readers will be confused about your email objective. If you want the readers to download software by clicking the link provided in the email, just give one link.

Maintain a Decent Image & Text Ratio

Maintain a good image and text ratio while creating your emailer. If you create 1 image emailer as it will directly go to the spam box. Keep a ratio of 70% text and 30% image. Emailer that has higher text and fewer image lands in the primary inbox if other required conditions are fulfilled.

Negatives of Purchasing Email List

Say a big no to email lists that are often sold by companies. You may receive marketing messages by companies, which claim to sell a genuine email database. These lists are noting but spam ids and sending emails to these email ids, you will surely hamper your reputation and may even be blacklisted by the email provider. Also, you will lose the amount you spent to purchase the database as these lists will be of no use.

Choose Best Email Provider

Many small business enterprises do not have their own CRM due to which they take the services of email providers. There is no harm in choosing an email provider but you should choose the one which has a very good market reputation. Even some companies, who have their personal CRM avail the services of the email provider.

Use Spam Checker to Check your Email

An intelligent technique is to check the quality of your emailer by using tools like spam checkers. Using these tools, you can check what the percentage of spam in your emailer is. However, even if your emailers rank well in these tools but there is no guarantee that your emails will land in the primary tab of Gmail.


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