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7 Best Freelance Websites Which You May Not Know

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

If you belong to an area where there is limited availability of jobs, freelance writing jobs can be a good option for you. Go with a trusted freelancing platform.

If you are good in English and have a flair for writing then you should try freelance writing jobs online. Over the years the demand for online content writing jobs has increased due to internet penetration and reduced internet rates. Writing jobs can be a great source of income if you take the right step to choose the best freelance websites.

For any freelancing work, it would be smart to have a blank invoice template so you can better keep track of what money is going in and out. Today even homemakers and retired persons are earning well by this means, or alternatively, you could look into other jobs online and see what suits you.

Don’t forget that even freelancers have to pay their taxes, however, never fear there are places that can help with you this, if you are interested in finding out more about taxes for freelancers, you might want to check out somewhere like http://daveburton.nyc/taxes-for-freelancers for more information.

Here, I have added some of the best freelance websites where you can register and earn income from 10 Thousand INR to 1 Lac INR.


Freelancer is one of the best platforms that offer different types of content writing jobs online. Launched in the year 2003, it has become the largest community of freelancers. It can, in fact, be counted in as the largest community of freelancers looking for work and businesses looking for people to work for them. Freelancer is a global community and hence the diversity available is very wide.

Those who want to start their career as a freelancer must surely try this platform as it hosts thousands of writing jobs. Besides writing, the website has much more to offer. From design and architecture to data entry to local jobs, a freelancer has tons of options to choose from.

If you’re serious about making money from your writing talent then you could also consider offering your expertise to other aspiring authors and writers and become a freelance editor – you can find comprehensive guides on ways to make a business from this online.

When it comes to setting yourself up on Freelancer, you just need to register yourself on freelancer.com and complete your profile. You can upload your work portfolio so that clients can gain confidence. The data you use to fill your profile should be the best suiting the work that you are looking for. There are several Skill Tests available in freelancer.com, which are mostly paid. You can take the English skill test and become a certified professional to attract clients towards your proposal.

Freelancer.com works in a bidding model where you need to bid for the available jobs. Your selection as a freelancer depends upon the price you offer and the strength of your profile.

Major benefits of freelancer.com website are:

  • The range of jobs you can choose from.

  • The reach you can achieve locally and globally

  • The fixed payment

  • The authenticity of works being offered

The bidding system is yet another positive thing about registering as a freelance writer in Freelancer. You get a chance to name your price and see exactly what amount of the money would be going to the website itself. The chatting facility available on the website is an added advantage. The website gives you instructions regarding the method of dealing with the clients. They always make sure that you understand how to lay the grounds of receiving the payment and handing over the completed work.

The alert system in Freelancer is a good way to place your bids without much delay. It opens up a more hopeful chance for the client to take a look at your bid. They will be able to read a piece of introduction which is added with the bid. Further, your profile can be looked up and checked to know about your experience.

Freelancer has a desktop application as well as a mobile application. This will help you collaborate with the clients on the go. Another advantage is that you will not lose an opportunity just because you are not available.

To sign up with freelancer.com, click here.

Upwork (Previously known as oDesk.com/Elance.com)

As a freelancer, you should try Upwork, which offers good opportunities for writers. Upwork has been creating merging oDesk.com and Elance, the world’s two largest freelancing websites. Established in the year 2015 after the rebranding as Upwork, the company has been offering numerous opportunities to freelancers around the globe. They are based out of California, under the name Upwork Global Inc.

We can say that Upwork can be counted as large as a freelancer, considering the number of jobs being posted every year. The Upwork status page is the major attraction of this website, offering much-wanted transparency for both the job seekers and the job givers. Upwork also has a number of job categories for people looking for jobs from anywhere around the world.

Upwork job categories:

Short Term Tasks – Working for only particular projects as per requirement hence it would mostly be a one-time contract.

Recurring Projects – In this category, the employer would be keeping a pool of potential freelancers. When projects are ready, they will be contacted. But it doesn’t mean that you have to take up the work. You can decide whether to choose or not.

Full-time contract works – In this case, the employer counts you in a dedicated team. You are to work on a project that is taken up by the employer. More like a normal job, but you can be at home or anywhere you like. In this case, you would be needed to make yourself available at any time.

With Upwork, you have the freedom to decide your work process and time instead of fixed working hours. Every project you undertake is in an online workspace where you can send & receive files, communicate via text & video in a secured manner. You can also take advantage of the mobile app, so you need not stick to your PC every time.

Upwork offers a safe payment system for freelancers, which is known as Upwork payment protection. You get paid positively when you successfully complete your assignment. You can choose from several types of payment modes such as direct deposit, PayPal or wire transfer. Create your Upwork profile from here.


Fiverr is another good freelancing site providing real income to writers, designers, marketing persons, and many more. Here, you can create Gigs, which also known as packages for as low as 5 $. Example of a Gig can be a package of 5 articles or 10 blogs etc. You can create several Gigs and let clients contact you on the basis of your Gigs.

Fiverr provides complete analytics, which allows you to know how many impressions & clicks your Gigs received. So, if you or your friends are looking for content writing jobs online Join Fiverr.com now. Apart from writing jobs, there are many other types of freelancing jobs available in Fiverr.


Guru is an online platform connecting freelancers & clients since 2001. In this freelancing website, writers can showcase their writing skills to find appropriate jobs. Both clients and freelancers create their profiles in Guru and enter into a contract.

On this website, several jobs are posted on which freelancers can submit their quotes. If you are on Guru, you need not worry about payment as you can choose from 4 mediums mentioned below.

Payment Process of Guru:

Pay by Milestones- This is a way of dividing a job into several parts. It may also permit the employer to decide the date of completion and amount to be paid. Each part can be charged separately, according to their difficulty. Hence, the employer will have a better idea of how the work is progressing. In the end, each milestone may be added up to get the total payment.

Pay by Task – This a dividing option too, but with fixed amounts for each part. The freelancer may be able to take up two parts, getting paid double the standard amount.

Pay by the Hour – Here, the employers give you a chance to work for fixed hours in a week. They will decide on the amount to be paid. The hours completed may be tracked manually or Guru has a time tracker that can provide stamped screenshots. The payment will be made every week.

Pay Using Recurring Payments – in this kind, each freelancer gets paid differently. According to the work done, time spent, etc. Here, the employer can pay you weekly, monthly, or even quarterly, according to the contract you decide upon.

One feature of this mode is, the employer may place a standard rate. If you are hired, you will be paid every decided time and the amount would be the standard one. In the case of more work or a different pattern of work, they would need to pay you extra.

Apart from writing, you can find good pay jobs in designing, writing, IT, administration, etc. The site not only helps in getting people to work, but it also has facilities to aid in tasks of project management. This will be reducing the workload physically. Guru helps in sharing documents, creating acceptable payment deals, etc.

Guru helps in keeping the communication between the two parties transparent and effective. They make sure that payment is being made at the right time and according to the pact made. Guru keeps a track of every freelancer actively involved in works through them. This will help in deciding who completes the project taken up, perfectly. This way, you may be given more chances to work with the same client.

So if you are planning for freelancing writing jobs online, Guru is one website that you must try. You can create your profile at Guru from here.


PeoplePerHour is a UK-based online platform giving opportunities to thousands of freelance content writers. It is considered as one of the best freelance websites, which can provide you with passive income. Even if you are a working professional, you can create your profile here and earn extra. But the site is much effective in making sure that you are a professional.

They have a particular team that curates the profiles being created. One major quality of People per Hour is that they have a global chain of freelancers, ready to work at any time. The client can be sure that their work will be done on time with assured quality.

In PeoplePerHour, you can post hourly and compete with other freelance writers. Apart from an hourly type, you can also bid for fixed jobs.

The tools available in People per Hour are much helpful for the freelancers in keeping their content top class for people to bid on them. The site offers very interesting payment methods which may be divided into three kinds mainly.

Payment Methods of PeoplePerHour:

Single time: for those bidders looking for a particular work to be done. This would be a contract where the freelancer needs to keep no obligation to work for the same bidder again. It gives a choice for you to decide on your employer.

Monthly: this is a more binding contract, where the bidder and the freelancer are almost like a regular employer and employee. Still, it gives you the freedom to work from where you want. It also is a way of earning equally well as a normal job if you are good in the work.

Quote-based: another kind of work available in People Per Hour is the project based work. This can be somewhat similar to the single time type, but with much more time period. The client would be hiring you for a role that is to be completed with a more ownership oriented attitude.

The site offers you security in regards to the payment decided. They will make sure that both parties are sticking on to their word. People per Hour also makes sure that a very effective communication channel is formed between the freelancer and the bidder. Besides the payment, they will also lookout and make sure that the job is delivered professionally. Unprofessional behavior will not be tolerated by the team.

You can sign up to PeoplePerHour from here.


Nexxt is yet another good freelancing website that is currently being used by thousands of freelancers around the globe. This team has been in the industry for over 20 years. Just like in the case of other websites, Nexxt is also an acting mediator between the freelancer and the job giver.

Companies are given provisions to advertise their needs in the site. It can be as detailed as they wish such that the perfect matches from the large pool are found.

Nexxt makes sure only the right talents are being hired from their system. Hence, they provide detailed descriptions to the employer regarding their choice. This is not considering the size of the organization.

Rather, Nexxt provides the same services to big and small companies. The innovative organizations by Nexxt make the remote working pattern as simple as possible. Another important feature is that a freelancer can choose short term or long term employment from Nexxt.

There are thousands of job sites powered by Nexxt. These are divided into easily accessible groups under:

Global- for those who aim for a globally spread career

Career- for those who search specifically under a particular career stream

Local – for those who wish to keep their legs firm in the local career market

Diversity- for those who always wish to keep a tinge of diversity in everything

You can sign up to Nexxt from here.


This California based job platform is much simpler than any other freelancing websites. The main feature of Hireable is that they let only companies from the United States sign up. But they accept freelancers from around the world. This gives the companies a chance to go global with their employee population.

You can simply enter your geographical location and wait for an American company to hire you to work for them. It is also a way to make sure that the companies signing up as employers are exactly what they claim to be.

Hireable acts up to giving you the correct job openings just with a single keyword. They do not expect you to type up long phrases before leading to the right place. Their search engine is much effective than many other websites. It also expects employers to just add the necessary keyword to find the right talent.

Another very effective feature, the notification makes sure that you are not missing out on a perfect job being posted by being offline. Hireable also makes sure that the right jobs are brought to your notice at the right time.

Your information or data remains safe with the website. They only provide employers with the necessary information to show that you are perfect for them. Hireable charges not money from the employer or the employee for the service they provide. The team has also developed an algorithm to measure customer satisfaction. This helps in giving the new people, an idea of how the whole system works. You can sign up to Hireable from here.

The above are all the best freelancing websites that can offer you amazing opportunities to extend your career. Freelancing can be so much fun if you are truly interested in doing it. You may be able to earn those few extra bucks, just by doing what you love.


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