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5 Best WordPress Plugins to Increase Content Share

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Most website owners often struggle with the issues of their articles being liked and shared by visitors. However, there are automated plugins available to help you.

If you have a blog section on your website then you will surely like this article. Making your articles reach a wide audience is a dream for every writer. And the truth is that without your content piece boosted, you cannot establish your brand identity.

Most website hosting platforms nowadays provide ways to website owners for blog sharing. These are also known as tools or plugins. If you have a WordPress website then you will be familiar with the word plugin.

Here, we are discussing the best WordPress plugins to increase content share:

1. Digg Digg – More Powerful Sharing Buttons

Dig Digg is a content sharing plugin that is highly popular among WordPress users. You get a slick bar on the left side of your blog when you install the Dig Dig plugin. You also have the option to place the sidebar on the button or top of the article. There are several services, including Social Media newcomers Pinterest and Buffer as buttons that can be used by your website visitors for sharing your articles. As per research, visitors find those blogs or articles credible that have a high amount of shares.

2. Simple Reach

If you have the habit of reading the online news then you may have come across this plugin. The work of this plugin is to suggest readers with the next most relevant news. A pop up appears recommending you to check the next article when you have completed reading a sizeable amount of the content on the news site. It is a great add-on to keep your visitors engaged on your website and increase the chances of your articles being shared. Once you implement this WordPress plugin, you can easily spot your Google Analytics tracking that the time spent on your website has increased.

3. W3 Total Cache

As a webmaster, you will surely know the importance of the loading time of your website. W3 Total Cache is a performance plugin and tests from the plugin have shown to speed up the loading time of articles by up to 10 times (as per company website). Once you install this plugin, there will be less downloading time for your website visitors. A less downloading time means an increase in shares of your content.

4. Facebook Commenting Plugin

The Facebook commenting plugin is one of the strongest WordPress plugins to increase content share adopted by millions of bloggers. Disqus and Lifefyre are some other competitors of this plugin. An extremely easy to set up the plugin, it allows visitors to post to their Facebook wall along with the comment. The good part about the Facebook commenting plugin is that users need not sign separately on your website to post the comment.

5. Social Metrics

You must definitely try the social network plugin, which helps to track the number of shares of all your blogs on any social channels like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. If you are able to measure the performance of these channels, you can take the necessary steps to increase the likes & shares.


So make use of the best WordPress plugins to increase content shared by your audience. You can test these WordPress plugins and let us know your feedback. If you have any feedback, please write in the comment section.